Hotel Management and Consulting Services

Hotel Operations, Franchise Relations, Development & Finance
OUR MISSION is to provide world class hospitality by attracting and developing the highest quality talent while delivering memorable guest experiences with a focus on driving profitable results for our stakeholders.


We offer a wide variety of services

Maximizing customer experience and owner investment is at the core of the services we provide. Our many years of experience guide our partners and their investments to profitable outcomes.

Hotel Management

We believe that a property’s strong performance is dependent on individual staff members exceeding customer expectations at every opportunity. We place great emphasis on hiring the right people and providing the tools and training they need.


Commonwealth provides enterprise and property level advisory services to hotel, resort and motel owners, operators, lenders and investors.

Property Improvement

Having managed the ongoing capital improvement plans for a portfolio of more than 25 hotels with major franchise affiliations, Commonwealth’s team is well equipped to assist with each phase of your PIP – from planning to procurement and installation.

Lender Services

We have an intimate understanding of the challenges which are presented by a defaulting hotel note, and we know how to deal with them. Commonwealth regularly consults for regional and national lenders.

Human Resources

We have established policies that create positive work environments and provide appropriate recruiting and training resources. Our hotel teams are focused on taking care of guests and the property.

Information Technology

IT support services are coordinated for managed hotels, and we provide timely reporting and performance data to ownership.


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