Acquisition, Renovation, and Rebranding of a Distressed Independent Full-Service Hotel on the Chesapeake Bay

Through an off-market transaction, acquired distressed hotel in 2018 for $19M with a premium location offering sweeping views of the Chesapeake Bay.

The property was converted from an independent hotel to the Delta by Marriott through a $30 million shut and gut renovation reopening in 2020, positioning itself as the newest, high quality hotel property in the area. The $100,000 per key renovation completely renovated the hotel, with modern suites, lobby, pool and concepted destination restaurant.

Successfully implemented and executed operational business plan leading to outperforming year 1 proforma by over $2.2M.

Received Hotel Opening of the Year award by Marriott International by showcasing forward-thinking design and services while executing efficient and thoughtful pre-opening strategies.
Due to the success of the property post opening exceeding underwritten returns, hotel was taken to market resulting in a successful sale achieving a return on initial investment of over 2X.